Scénario japonais de SONIC THE FIGHTERS

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Traduit par Windii de Sonic Retro :

A large quantity of robots suddenly appeared on the land where peaceful days continued thanks to Sonic's frequent actions, and laid waste to its surroundings.
"This must be Eggman's doing! But where is this huge bunch of robots coming from..." as Tails muttered to himself, he got an emergency message from Espio.

In the video that Espio sent, there was a huge fortress floating on the satellite orbit. Dr. Eggman was dispatching large quantities of robots from the giant space fortress, "Death Egg 2"!

Sonic decided to get to Death Egg 2 alone by using a single-seat space rocket "LUNA POX" that Tails invented. However, in order to fly the rocket, 8 Chaos Emeralds must be collected to act as a power source. Sonic's friends, who spread throughout the world, were guarding the Chaos Emeralds separately so that they are not misused by Eggman (one of them ended up being stolen by Fang in the meantime, however...).

First, Sonic and Tails flew over to where Knuckles is. "If the rocket is single-seat, shouldn't the toughest guy be the one riding it?" Knuckles provoked Sonic after hearing what's going on. When Sonic, who obviously believed he was the strongest, accepted Knuckles's challenge and was about to fight him, Tails forced his way between the two. Tails proposed fighting fair and square in the ring, and the one who wins against all of their buddies in the world will ride the rocket.

Who will be the one to win against everyone, collect the Chaos Emeralds, and save the world? The gong of fate is now echoing.
Merci bien, encore un mystère dissipé.
Aux temps de l'amiante, de l'essence plombée, des essais nucléaires et des additifs plastiques, un ours polaire s'opiniâtra à botter le cul à tous pour aller affronter la source de la pollution : Sonic fut décidément d'un avant-gardisme écologique.
Très bon boulot... c'est cool que ce soit Espio qui prévienne Tails, il n'était pas détective pour rien!!...
"Je suis sorti d'une longue dépression pour ça?!...
Cette soit-disant bataille pue à plein nez!!..."