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C'est bleu et ça pique !
Première sortie : 26.09.2008
Plateformes : Nintendo DS
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Sonic Chronicles isn't a bad game overall, but it does suffer from a list of things that keep it from being a title we can recommend to just anyone. The character balancing is strong, the game is simply beautiful, and there's more effort put into the front end and general flow of the game than most DS titles out there. On the gameplay front though, players will need to suffer through tedious point-to-point fetch quests with very little story to push the experience, and a battle system that gets too repetitive far too fast. Random balance issues make the fights a bit awkward, while the framerate and camera follow issues mix with some odd collision in the overworld and broken flow that requires you to talk to NPC's to solve a puzzle that's sitting right in front of the team. The dialogue doesn't push the story at all, and it just takes too long for the story to get moving, having you repeat areas long after they wear out their welcome, and do fetch quest after fetch quest just to lengthen the experience. There's fun to be had, and the game does pick up after the first few hours, but we'd be surprised to see many DS gamers get behind Dark Brotherhood while there are so many superior role-playing games on the platform. There's a good design in here somewhere; it's just lost in the shuffle of it all. Lire la critique complète


Sonic Chronicles is undeniably a nice-looking game, and its slick presentation makes for an enticing experience to begin with. The longer you play, however, the more the cracks start to show, and what seemed like a potential minor classic is soon reduced to just "pretty good". Sonic fans will get the most from its short-lived charms, but with so many superior RPGs on the DS, the blue hedgehog needed to provide a lot more substance to make his genre debut an essential offering. Lire la critique complète


Pour un coup d'essai, ce premier RPG dans l'univers de Sonic n'est finalement pas si mal, mais les bonnes sensations du début sont vite gâchées par un système de combat redondant et trop aléatoire. Comportant autant de bonnes idées que de mauvaises, ce Sonic Chronicles n'est ni aussi riche ni aussi divertissant qu'on l'espérait, mais il reste à découvrir malgré tout pour son caractère inattendu et audacieux. Lire la critique complète